WIP: *warmers

I seldom post WIPs here, because I'm terrible about the ones that languish in time-out for months or even years at a time. But I'm seldom so excited about a project as I am about this one.

The goal here is legwarmers, but depending on how much yarn I have, they may end up being armwarmers. I've cast-on provisionally, will knit til I have just a yard or two left in the ball, and then graft the two sides together (though if these end up being arm-warmers, I'll be making a thumb somehow - I have not yet figured out how, though Ysolda has a lovely pattern that will likely serve as inspiration for that). This is fabulous TV or pub knitting, since it's entirely mindless.

I've got two skeins total of Sereknity yarns "Verity" in color "Campfire" - though it seems that now they're called Mad Color Fiber Arts, nothing else is changed. And this yarn is scrumptious. I'd say it's more of a heavy sport-weight than a true DK, but it's lovely and vibrant and delicious and crazy-affordable with loads of yardage. Next time I'll get 3 skeins so I can make a tank or tee or cropped cardi!

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