FO: Wizards in Windsor

Pattern: Windsor Cardi by Amy Christoffers
Yarn: Louet MerLin Sport Weight
Ravelry project page

Notes & Mods:
I accidentally used 4’s for the ribbing instead of 5’s, but i’m quite pleased with it this way. I think 5’s might have been too loose. And this yarn? AWFUL! There were easily a dozen breaks in that last skein! So many breaks! So many ends to weave in!

I made the sleeves bracelet length instead of full length. Actually I planned to make then 3/4 length, but it's lucky that I did that because after blocking they were many inches longer - I can't imagine if I'd made them full length! It'd have been absurd! Luckily I love bracelet length.!

I picked up 2 of every 3 sts for button bands, so I ended up with at least 10 more sts than the pattern calls for, but it would have looked really silly if I’d only picked up what it says. Also I started and ended each band with k3, since that edge column always curls under anyway (one of those tiny details only the most OCD knitter would notice, but it makes a big difference to me).

I made one more button hole than my size called for, because six divided more evenly than 5 into the number of stitches I had. And the buttonholes came out ridiculously tiny! I’ll have to order 11mm buttons for this - the 5/8” ones I bought will NEVER fit through those button holes.

Also, I used WAYYYY LESS yarn than the pattern said it would. Probably 3/4 as much yarn.

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