FO: Headbandit

At knitnight, one of the ladies was wearing this AWESOME headband. A big cover-up-your-whole-hair kind of headband. More of a headscarf than a headband, really. And then we had this whole conversation about how we've both (independently) switched to the "no 'poo" method of hair-washing, which really means not washing your hair except once or twice a week, which means greasy hair. Maybe we're doing it wrong? With short hair, it doesn't really matter. My hair always looks better a day or two after I last washed it anyway. But sometimes you don't want to wash or style that bedheady mess, and with short hair, you have to style it EVERY DAY (or at least get it wet and mess it up a bit more deliberately).

And so, headband!

Pattern: Britta Lalena Headwrap/Earwarmer by Elisa McLaughlin
Yarn: Araucania Ranco Multy
Ravelry project page

I did not actually buy this pattern. It's pretty basic and pretty obvious what's going on, so I just looked at the pictures and figured it out, because it seemed a bit absurd to spend that much money on a pattern when I could so easily free-form it and get the exact same look. Cute, wide headband with holes. The trick, it seems, is to make it way too tight around your head. That's what makes it behave and not pop right off your head. I had no idea.

I finished it in just a couple of hours, so this is one of those great cures for a bad case of startitis, and also a great use of leftover sock yarn. Hooray for a very quick FO!

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  1. I've been no-poo for awhile now and it was a greasy disaster for quite some time, then my hair adjusted and became soft and lovely. Using some baking soda dissolved in a cup of warm water every now and then helped during the adjustment phase, and because my water is very hard sometimes I use a vinegar rinse which makes my hair nice and shiny.