Friday Insider #2: Baby Alpaka Naturbelassen!

I'm so flustered with excitement, I'm not even sure I can articulate anything, so forgive me if this is a complete mess.

We got a package today. When I opened the box, I literally squealed -- screamed, almost -- with delight. My eyes welled up and I very nearly started CRYING.

Skacel has some BRAND SPANKING NEW yarns that are positively dreamy. Yarns so new, even the sales reps didn't know about them until AFTER they appeared in the current issue of Interweave Knits. Schoppel Wolle's Baby Alpaka Naturbelassen is absolutely beautiful in the picture. And in person, it is a yarn worth dying for.

On Monday I met with Cia, the local Skacel rep, and placed an order for yarns so new she'd only just that morning received hanks for her sales kit. And today, my order came. And I am SO FREAKING EXCITED about these yarns. We're probably one of the very first stores to even carry the 'Alpaka' so that is SUPER.

It's certainly a luxurious yarn, and though it does come with a luxury price-tag, the yardage (meterage? 200m to the 100g hank) is quite good, and the sweater-dress featured takes just six hanks for the 43" size (and would likely look amazing done in a hip-length tunic, which would likely use only four hanks). The feel of the yarn is just amazing, and quite literally BROUGHT A KNITTER TO TEARS. I don't have much, so if you're dying to get your hands on some, come by soon!

Also brand-new to Skacel and Shoppel-Wolle is Ambiente -- a GORGEOUS 100% virgin merino wool in a sport weight, perfect for socks and baby garments. I am in LOVE.

And new to Clever Knits in super fun bright colors, my favourite blend: wool and cotton. This is a sport/DK weight, at roughly 50/50 and is deliciously soft.

Please pardon me while I proceed to go have a major yarngasm...

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