Ductwork yarn graffiti

It was brought to my attention that I've not explained the 'yarn-bomb' duct graffiti, and to those of you who have not yet made it to the store, it might be a wee bit confusing! And so, a visual aid:

See, we don't have central air here at Clever Knits, which means that we have installed these portable a/c units, which we have affectionately dubbed 'R2' and 'D2' -- but the ductwork that vents their hot air into the attic is not terribly attractive.

So we decided to cover the ducts in knitted and crocheted cozies, and are offering 10% off any purchase if you bring one in. It's a great way to use up scrap yarn, or to rid your house of piles of swatches (swatch-quilt?). The offer is valid until the ductwork is fully covered (which could be awhile).

Faraway fans and friends are welcome to mail cozy-swatches to us, though I'm not sure how to extend the 10% offer remotely, since we do not (yet) have an online store. They need to be roughly 26" long (around), and anywhere from 4-10" wide. Embellishments (buttons, flowers, etc) are strongly encouraged.

1 comment:

  1. So cute! They make the ductwork look festive :) I will have to work on something pink and super flowery :)