A note about knitnight

Friends -- a quick note to clarify the "rules" of knitnight. First and foremost, knitnight is 100% free. Not only is there no cost, you are FREE to bring whatever project you have at home that is currently on your needles.

There are no requirements nor limitations on the kind of project you can bring. We welcome crochet, spinning, cat's cradle even! Any and all projects are welcome, regardless of what yarn or pattern you are using -- even if it's not from this store.

Tiny fiber artists (budding young knitters and crocheters) are welcome to come for the first hour. We do request that all minors head home at 7:00pm, so that they have plenty of time to get ready for bed, since knitnight is on a school night (and since knitters often broach subjects of conversation not suitable for underage ears).

We do occasionally take photographs and blog about our Tuesday knitnights, so please be aware that your photo may end up on the interwebs if you are here on Tuesday nights.


  1. Thanks for having a time when children are welcome!

  2. Will you gals be teaching a class on set in sleeves that have no seaming. Sort of like the raglan and Elizabeth Zimmerman has done in her books. Also Barber Walker does this style and I am very interested in taking a class. I have her book but I really like a hands on class

  3. I love knitnight! I've only been attending for the past month, but it's now on my schedule every week. The knitters are a fun, helpful bunch.

  4. does anyone attend that loom knits?