WIP: The Perfect Old-Man Cardigan

Almost two years ago (in January of 2010), I put this sweater in time out, with yay much progress:

Last week I finished another featherweight cardigan (which I immediately wore, so it needs re-soaking and a photo shoot - SOON!), and despite the pull of so many new and exciting things to cast on, I decided to work through a few languishing WIPs. This one was simple enough that it won the "who's next" contest. So I've been diligently knitting an inch or two every night, and am now just about ready to separate for the armholes (2 more rows!):

I'm about 40% of the way through my yarn, and as irksome as it is to work with worsted-weight yarn on size 6 needles, I am looking forward to finishing what is going to be an AMAZING warm and cozy smoking jacket. I might have to start smoking a pipe!

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