An Extra Inch

Just one inch. It can be the difference between awful and phenomenal. Ladies, you know what I'm talking about.

In clothing, it can mean the difference between high-waters and pants that look amazing. Between a shirt that hangs nicely and one that shares a glimpse of your midriff with the universe.

In furniture, it can mean a couch that fits through the door and one that you have to lift over the balcony to get it into your apartment.

The difference is subtle, but it can be huge.

I've been 99% completely in love with Driven since finishing it last week. It's super amazing and ever-so-almost-perfect. Except that my wrists have been icy cold popsicles because the sleeves are just an inch or so too short. So I cannibalized my swatches - the last 15g or so of the yarn - and lengthened the sleeves. Just an inch, maybe two.

The "before" image is on the left, "after" on the right - notice the sleeves hung just a cm or so above the hemline before, and now they hang an inch below the hemline on the right.

Just an inch. An inch and my wrists are warmer and the jacket is infinitely improved.

I'll almost certainly be making another one of these at some point. It is my absolute favourite. Next time maybe with buttons or a zipper. And, in addition to the modifications I made for this one, I'll probably do the collar in garter stitch, to keep it from rolling.

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