FO: $1,000 Sweater

Pattern: Breezy Cardiganby Hannah Fettig
Yarn: Jade Sapphire Silk/Cashmere 2-ply
Ravelry project page

Pattern Modifications:
After finishing the raglan increases, cast on about 10 sts fewer per front than the pattern indicated, because I was afraid I might run out of yarn (my yardage was slightly lower than the pattern requirements indicated). Also decreased the sleeves by 2 sts before starting the cuff so the pattern worked evenly around. Otherwise followed the pattern more or less exactly. Ended up having about 20g of yarn leftover, so I'll likely make a decadent little cowl with it.

When picking up for the ribbing, I started and ended each 2x2 rib section with k3 (still works out to be a multiple of 4 sts). Since sts are picked up on some edges, this makes the ribbing consistent; and when sts aren’t picked up, that first row of sts sort of disappears by curling under, so it still maintains continuity. Only another knitter would notice, but I’m a wee bit OCD.

I am madly in love with this sweater. It's hard not to be, when the yarn alone cost almost $150. I actually calculated the number of hours I knit on this one, and at *minimum wage*, that works out to well over $1,000 for my time. And worth every penny.

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