Closeout Update: Now 40-50% off!

Clever Knitters,

Our shelves grow more and more bare, but there are still things to liquidate! We're jumping over 35% - starting tomorrow, everything is 40% OFF! Fabric & Pattern Leaflets are still 50% off! If things keep leaving our shelves at this rate, there's a good chance this could be our last week, so hurry in to grab up whatever you've been waiting for.

Magazines: Still LOTS left. Stock up on back issues of Interweave Knits, Vogue Knitting, Interweave Crochet, KnitScene, Knit Simple, & more! If you buy 1 copy of each issue we have in stock of a particular magazine, get 50% off! We have a few of these wrapped & packaged & ready to grab!
5688268764_65c4f1d7b8_m.jpg 5687698725_614b09084a_m.jpg 5688269314_f45963f1ba_m.jpg 5688269074_23841cd1b2_m.jpg

Needles & Hooks: Lots of these, though popular sizes are harder to come by.
5688267338_4af64d5e31_m.jpg 5687696823_9424d0d941_m.jpg 5688267144_9370c5d2da_m.jpg 5687697281_26f968591d_m.jpg 5687697105_f11dac2acb_m.jpg 5687696823_9424d0d941_m.jpg 5687696657_04087e3591_m.jpg 5688266126_c9d87d7c17_m.jpg

Notions: Silk bags, sheep measures, fancy buttons, lavishea bars, & other odds & ends (shown below is just a sampling)
5688267760_c895e5ac3a_m.jpg 5688266656_e20fff5408_m.jpg 5688267906_2122e364d2_m.jpg 5688267584_4561f34913_m.jpg 5687697739_0ef3c3be4a_m.jpg

Spinning & Needle Felting stuff: roving, felting needles, and LOTS of drop spindles
5687695689_ee2286bb6a_m.jpg 5688265116_0ce0116abc_m.jpg 5688265262_f5ec3f490e_m.jpg 5687695067_5401078a57_m.jpg

Furnishings: 2 yarn shelves, now reduced to $225 each - midcentury side table for $45 - and the set of 4 award-winning grey chairs, $300 for the set.
Helena also has 2 ikea bookcases at her home in North Park that are for sale, $20 each (this Expedit: and the now discontinued 'Lack' which looks similar to this Expedit: ; my 'Lack' lays long-wise and has casters attached)
5681874244_67dd749719_m.jpg 5647647901_a5a992da17_m.jpg 5648109336_35fa7f9fd6_m.jpg

Yarns: Not much remaining, but still a few of my favourites (who am I kidding, they are all my favourites - like children, I love them all equally). Each picture shows ALL the skeins we have of that yarn as of noonish yesterday, so some might be gone by now!
5688265972_1c7a3303c7_m.jpg 5687695875_c35dec1f4a_m.jpg 5687696051_3f4dff18be_m.jpg  5687694843_3deea93057_m.jpg 5687694705_db4350a358_m.jpg 5687694331_5e60b4196c_m.jpg 5688264240_eb9077562f_m.jpg 5687694143_a016cc2720_m.jpg 5687693965_90e5be684b_m.jpg 5688263230_fb2217e357_m.jpg 5687693801_8e65890d91_m.jpg 5687693213_198c29f826_m.jpg 5688262670_760b2ace26_m.jpg 5687693017_0b1ba32286_m.jpg 5688261976_fedc9b59c2_m.jpg 5688261824_c067379fb7_m.jpg

Warm (& sweatery) regards,

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