You'll notice a few things are different here on our website. Some fairly major changes to the layout, and we now have an online shop! Perhaps the most exciting feature of the shop is that you can now register for classes online. We've also made some changes to the pricing structure for our classes - but don't be fooled, most are actually cheaper!

For example, Crochet 101 and Knit 101 are now $25 (they were formerly $12, or $18 if you bought your supplies elsewhere). I hear grumblings: What? That is not cheaper! But wait - they now include all your supplies: yarn, hook or needles, and even a darning needle. All packaged together in one happy round number. No surprise costs, no mysterious extras. And you can sign up online! No need to call or come in ahead of time, just add to your cart and voila! You are enrolled.

A few of our other classes were $24 or $27, so to make things less confusing many of our course offerings got rounded to $25. We still offer classes at different price points, and you'll see those in the online shop, too.

Ready to get shopping? Click the 'SHOP' link at the top of the page! It's open for business. In the coming weeks, our online selection will be increased, so you'll see new items and categories appearing all the time. If you run into any trouble, just give us a jingle or drop an email - our contact info is always at the top of the website.

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