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Did you know Helena has her own blog? She's snarky and random and doesn't always post about knitting, but she's been blogging since the year 2000 - that's even longer than she's been knitting! These days she posts mostly about miscellaneous crafting activities (primarily knitting and sewing), so many of you might be interested in seeing a bit more of her day-to-day, what she does with her days off. The site is called sanctimony, and I think you'll enjoy it.

Lexi also has her own line of hand-dyed yarns, Oink Pigments, which you can buy here at Clever Knits or on her website.

If you are REALLY curious about what your favourite Clever Knits staff members do in our every day, we're all on Twitter: you know about @cleverknits already (these tweets also go to our Facebook page), but you can also follow Helena @sanctimony, or Lexi @lexijade. Lexi also tweets (err, oinks) on behalf of her hand dyed line, Oink Pigments @oinkpigments.

And of course you can find all three of us on Ravelry. Helena is cleverknits, Karen is harmonicbliss, and Lexi is lexijade89.

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