Sock yarn crazy quilt update

Our sock yarn crazy quilt is coming along beautifully -- I've tacked the squares together to see how it's looking, and I can not WAIT to raffle it off. But, it's not yet big enough even for a lap-ghan, so we need more squares!

I've contributed some new colors to our bin of spare sock bits, but I need some busy bees to knit and crochet swatches of various shapes and sizes. Large ones, long narrow ones, and oddly shaped ones are particularly welcome. If you have sock bits that you need to get rid of, I'm happy to put them in the jar.

As a reminder, all yarn used for this project must be machine-washable and at least 75% wool. Each square contributed counts for one entry in the drawing to win the completed blanket -- and I'm hoping to complete TWO blankets, so that I can hang one here in the shop, though we have a long way to go before we can reach that goal!

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  1. besides have girl colors it would fit kaden--lol