Our new (CA)KAL project

Karen and Kirsten have been working on their own wild project -- gypsy throws, inspired by this amazing blanket at Anthropologie. Of course, our biggest problem here at Clever Knits seems to be that we are all terrible lemmings, and want to do the same thing that everyone else is doing. And so, I'm putting on my copy-cat-hat.

This Crochet-and-Knit-a-Long (CAKAL) will be a barn-raiser of a special sort. I'm asking knitters and crocheters to make swatches for what will be a BEAUTIFUL quilt of our own. I'm hoping we get enough to make TWO -- one to raffle away at Christmastime, and another to hang in the shop.

The only requirement I have for the swatches is that they MUST be made from machine-washable, sock-weight yarn that is at least 75% wool. They can be any shape or size that tickles your fancy.

I'll be keeping a jar on the coffee table of leftover bits of sock yarn -- you are welcome to use these to make swatches, or contribute to the jar with your own leftover bits of sock yarn. Please make sure any contributions are in the sock-weight range (light fingering to sport weight), machine-washable, and at least 75% wool.

Everyone who contributes a swatch (or who donates some of their time to sew the swatches together) will be entered in the raffle to win the quilt, which will be raffled in mid-December, assuming the quilt is done by then!

If you need some inspiration, here are two fairly simple places to start:

Barn-Raising Quilt from Knitalong

Classic Granny Squares described at Purl Bee

...and we have SHELVES full of books here with brilliant patterns that can be browsed at length for ideas.

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