No, you are mistaken. There was never a KAL.

Four of us showed up to the first KAL Sunday with our pretty new yarns, patterns printed out, ready to go. And then we spent three hours frogging. None of us made it through even a single repeat OF THE BORDER without having to frog back. This was the first clue that perhaps this pattern might be a bit too complex for social knitting.

Needless to say, it's lovely. It's just that it requires A LOT of attention. And it's impossible to memorize. And it's difficult to even tell where you are in the pattern based on the row below.

Two more of us started the pattern in the next week, and gave up.

I'm using lace weight (not fingering weight), on smaller needles, and cast on 99 sts instead of the 49 called for, and I am very proud of the TWO WHOLE REPEATS that I finished of the main pattern. This may be one of those patterns that takes two years to complete. Or it may just become a very, very lovely swatch.

The KAL that has stuck is the Shetland Triangle (Ravelry link) from Wrap Style -- everyone who has started this pattern has made at least three of it. It's simple, easy to memorize, beautiful in almost any yarn, and addicting.

But if that's not your cup of tea, we've got another delicious project coming up. This one is a group project, and it involves sock yarn (my favourite type of yarn). I think you'll like it.

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