Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

Thursday I got an amusing email from the kind folks at Jimmy Beans Wool:

Hi there!

You may remember entering this giveaway on our blog last month.  Our original winner never contacted us, so her loss is your gain!  If you'd like to claim your copy of the Coastal Knits book, please send your name and mailing address to me and I will forward it on to Hannah Fettig.  Once the book is in print, she'll personally mail you your copy!

Thanks, and I hope to hear back from you soon! :)
I replied IMMEDIATELY with my address, because OMG I WON SOMETHING! I think the last time I won something when I put my name in the basket at Security Chevrolet's booth at the Vista Rod Run (yes, my town hosts an annual hot rod car show) in 1992 and won a cellular phone. I was eleven years old (this was back in the days before every child of eight is given her own cell phone) and did not even know what a cellular phone was, but I won one!

Based on reports from their websites, I should be getting my copy of  Hannah and Alana's AMAZING book any day now! I'm a HUGE fan of Hanna's patterns, and I've been planning to buy a copy of this lovely bi-coastal collaboration for some time now, but held out for lack of spare cash (New York is expensive!).

Disclaimer: I was in no way prompted to post about my prize, and am in no way being compensated for doing so. I am just SO FRIGGIN EXCITED at having won something, I had to share my bliss.

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