FO: Happiness

FINALLY finished this top. For the second time.

I completed it once before, but then realized that the armholes were about 1" too short. So I tore out the edging and knit an extra inch and re-did the edging and wove in all those extra ends OMG WHAT A PAIN IN THE BUTT. But it was totally worth it. I love this top.

Pattern: Happiness by Norah Gaughan
Yarn: Haze by Queensland Collection
Ravelry project page
(modeled pix as soon as I do laundry...I've already worn it and after a day in this heat, it needs washing!)

Pattern Modifications:
Knit in the round to the armholes.

I forget now if it was the armholes or the neck that instructed you to pick up sts, knit one row, and BO. That seemed completely stupid, so instead I did 2 rounds of SC (I find that one round is never quite enough, so I always do 2 rounds). Picked up 3 of every 4 rows around armholes and neck and I think I picked up every st along back of neck.

See that line about 5" up from the bottom where I changed skeins? Yeah, you do. It's not quite as obvious in real-life, and by the time I'd noticed it I'd already knit over 8", so there was no way that was getting torn out. This yarn is delightful but, as with most hand-painted yarns and ALL yarns distributed by KFI/Euro Yarns, even in the same dye lot there is VAST differentiation between skeins. I was foolish not to alternate skeins, at least for a few rows when changing skeins. That's what I did when I went from the 2nd to 3rd skein, and it is a much less obvious transition.

I used more or less exactly 3 skeins. Technically I threw away the last 5-10g of the 3rd skein after I finished the first time (DUMB), realized it needed another inch, and then had to break into the 4th skein (luckily I had one!) to add that inch and re-do the edgings.

So this project was full of idiot moves on my part, but I did finally finish it and I absolutely adore it :) Another excellent summer top to add to my wardrobe!

UPDATE: Finally got around to the promised modeled photos!

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