FO: Boston Cowl

I started this a few months ago, and finally finished it!

I call this my 'Boston Cowl' because I bought the yarn in Cambridge at Christmastime, and because it's big and cozy and warm and much more ideal for winters there than winters in San Diego.

Pattern: Big Herringbone Cowlby Purl Soho
Yarn: Malabrigo Rios
Ravelry project page

Pattern Modifications:
Used a smaller needle - Size 15, vs the size 17 called for in the pattern. Cast-off when I ran out of yarn.

LOVE the stitch pattern, which is achieved so simply! However, part of what took me so long to finish this project is that it is a bit tedious to knit. For each stitch, you knit two stitches together but then just knock one of them off the needle, which means I have to carefully shove just one stitch off the left needle with my left pointer finger (normally I just use the right needle to push/pull each stitch off as I knit it). Combined with using such large needles, this project made me feel like a beginning knitter all over again.

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