FO: Xia (a lovely summer blouse)

Just finished knitting this lovely garment!

This was a test knit for designer Kessa Tay Anlin and I am SO PLEASED with how it came out. I will almost certainly be making more of these with modifications - maybe one without the lace, one with longer sleeves...the possibilities are endless!

I think my favourite feature of the pattern is that the bottom band is knit flat in garter stitch. SO SMART. The end result looks and acts very much like 1x1 ribbing without being nearly so obnoxious to knit. LOVE.

Pattern: 夏 – Xia (Summer)
Yarn: Knitpicks Simply Cotton Sport in 'Bermuda'
Ravelry project page

Pattern modifications:
The waistband was supposed to measure a mere 33", and while I'm sure it would stretch, I'm not sure that 11" of negative ease is something I want in a garment. I'm not sure if this was a calculation error that will be fixed in the final pattern (it was a test knit), or if it is intented to be that tight. But in any case, I knit the waistband until piece measured 36” unstretched (basically I knit until it fit, stretched somewhat aggressively, around the upper part of my 44” hips). Then I picked up 1 stitch in every garter ridge, 202 sts total. This effectively meant that I followed the directions for the 52” bust size up to this point because that more closely mimicked my hip measurement. After that, I increased up to stitch count for 40” size and followed the instructions for the 40" size from there on out.

My gauge was a teeny tiny bit big, not measurable in a swatch, but it meant that the garment came out with the just right amount of ease (close to zero) rather than 1” of negative ease (my actual bust measurement is 41-42” depending on the time of the month).

I used a size C hook for the edging instead of D because my crochet gauge is loose and also because I do not have a D hook.

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