Chair situation

My first apartment after college, I had a roommate who would scold me every time I brought a chair home. I remember this vividly, because I had about seventeen chairs. It was ridiculous. And I kept bringing more chairs home. I had a problem - I couldn't stop myself from adopting homeless chairs.

It seems my problem has resurfaced, though in a slightly different way. Right now I have fifteen chairs, an ottoman, a couch, and a stool, all squeezed in my tiny apartment. So I'm doing a bit of offloading.

I have a set of 4 AWARD WINNING Heller Bellini Chairs in slate grey that I would like to sell for $200 for the set of 4. I purchased them new for the yarn store for $150 per chair ($600 for the set).

These really are virtually brand new! They have lived in Clever Knits for less than 2 years, and were sat upon once per week for a few hours on knitnight and that's about it. So if you count "days they were sat upon" they're really more like 6 months old. Now they are living in my tiny apartment and I do not have space for them! Please adopt these awesome chairs and take them home!

Also, they are stackable! So if you only have a corner available, but find yourself in need of extra seating at parties, they would be marvelous tucked in that corner.

It is important to mention that, in addition to being super classy and awesome, they are also insanely comfortable. These are the same chairs you sit on when you eat at Burger Lounge, in case you were wondering.

More info about the chairs (from Heller's website):

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