Babbage - raglan sweater pattern

This is an any-gauge, any-yarn, any-needles raglan pullover pattern made to fit any-size!

Charles Babbage was a 19th century philosopher and mathematician, who is credited with inventing the concept of the computer. This is a simple pattern, but it is very computation-heavy, so I have named it after him.

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Size: Custom - ANY size!

Enough of the yarn of your choice to make a sweater in your size*
Circular needle, 4-10” smaller around than your bust measurement, sized appropriately for your yarn (use the largest size recommended on ball band, or one size larger)
DPNs in same size
Stitch markers
Stitch holders or waste yarn
Tapestry needle
Hard ruler
Flexible tape measure

Yarn amounts:
Your mileage may vary, so make sure you have an extra skein on hand, just in case. This pattern is super flexible and can be knit from fingering weight or chunky weight yarn, or anything in between. That makes this a little more tricky than for your average sweater, but the following should give you a good starting point:

Your bust measurement in inches: _______
(measurement around your bust at the widest point - this is NOT your bra-size!)

Multiply that by 10 (put a zero at the end): ______
That is approx how many GRAMS of yarn you need. E.g. 36” bust will need roughly 360g of yarn. Most yarn comes in 50 or 100g skeins, so you’ll need to round up to 400g.

If you’re especially tall, or if you want to make your sweater extra long, get an extra skein. If you’re using an especially chunky weight yarn, you may need an extra skein. If your sweater will have cap sleeves, or if you’re using a needle much larger than that recommended by the yarn (e.g. sock yarn on size 6 needles), you’ll need roughly 1 skein less.

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