Stitch 'n Pitch!

Interested in going to Stitch 'n Pitch with a group of your Clever Knits pals?

The cost: $16 per ticket. Right now we are just taking names, so no money is due just yet. We'll give you a jingle or drop you an email when we are ready to purchase the tickets to confirm that you are still interested and to collect payment for the tickets.

The game: Sunday, July 18th at 1:05pm, San Diego Padres vs. Arizona Diamondbacks. Seats are going to be somewhere in the 300's, and I will make every effort to make sure our seats are on the shady side of the park to avoid sunburns :)

The Logistics: We will be coordinating group transit - carpools and/or riding the Sprinter/Coaster. These details will be worked out once we have a confirmed list of ticket holders, but either way the cost will be about the same. The Sprinter/Coaster is $13 per person round-trip, and a contribution towards parking and gasoline will likely run about $10-$15 per passenger.

So, give us a holler if you think you might want to come with us and shout at our local MLB team. Clever Knits will be CLOSED that day so that all of us can go to the game!

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