Friday Insider #6: Nice Rack!

Okay it's not Friday, but I don't even care, because... OH EM GHEE!

Karen called me to say the BIGGEST BOX EVER came - and I could have SWORN I hadn't ordered anything terribly huge - but there it was! Talk about a "Nice Rack"!

Now our magazines are so much happier and prettier!

Also in today, LOVELY new yarns. Ella Rae Lace Merino in 3 yummy colours, including 2 of their new semi-solids. AMAZING. Delicious. I want to take them home RIGHT NOW (but I will behave, and let you all have first dibs). Two more backordered colours will be on their way very soon!

And Pagewood! One each of some cheerful semi-solids:

And! And! Trekking Hand Art in delightful spring colours:

To quote my dear friend Laurence Tureaud, "I pity the fool" who missed last week's shiny-and-new: a shipment of Mini Mochi and Panda Silk sock yarns from Crystal Palace.

Plus we re-stocked the long back-ordered colours of Ambiente:

Lastly, IN CASE YOU DIDN'T KNOW, we now keep a clearance bench filled with AWESOME things at an AWESOME bargain of 40% off list price. There are yarns and books and rovings and patterns and even needles on the bench, and we are always rotating and changing our clearance items, so check back often!

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