Who is working at Clever Knits??

Need help from someone in particular, or on something in particular? Here is our schedule, as well as our areas of expertise:

Karen - expert crochet (but does not knit)
Lexi - intermediate knitting (including socks, sweaters, cables), beginning crochet, beginning spinning, advanced dyeing
Helena - expert knitting (including error-fixing, finishing), beginning crochet

Please note that the schedule is subject to change at any time, so it'd be best not to plan your wedding around it, but generally speaking it will be a fairly accurate way to find out who will be at the shop.


  1. Jacque Entzminger (Houseblessings)November 3, 2009 at 3:43 PM

    Remember me? I came in a few weeks ago and bought, "Simple Knits with a Twist". Love the book!
    I'll see you tonight. And I'm bringing my mom, Bobbie, who has taught many many women to knit. She makes baby hats and blankets for Tri City Hospital, and my daughter, Sara, who crochets adorable beanies for her friends and their children. See you around 7 - Jacque

  2. I love your place! Karen is so very helpful and patient with all of my triplicate (quadruplicate-lol) questions; and has taught me how to crochet my very first hat! I'm so thrilled to be learning this beautiful art ;-)

  3. Could you BE any more wonderful? I took Crochet 101 (for the 2nd time) with Karen, and was able to learn 2 new stitches ;-) I also picked up some FUNKY FRESH FANTASTIC new yarns and a nifty new pattern for another hat I'm gonna attempt to make with Karen's expertise help! I can't tell you all how ecstatic I am that your staff has brought me into the world of "Clever Knits!" God Bless You.