Friday Insider #5: Waiting for the UPS guy

Our regular UPS delivery guy was on vacation this week, which means that our packages were delivered by someone else. Someone who shows up hours later in the day, which means a lot more waiting for our most precious packages to arrive. This week they were especially precious.

Tuesday we got in beautiful organic cotton rovings and laceweight cotton from Ecobutterfly. This yarn is heaven in your hands -- I recently knit up a little sweater for the shop out of the sport weight cotton, and it's truly a dream. Completely undyed, the cotton grows naturally in shades from white to cocoa brown and deep avocado green. It's remarkably soft, and surprisingly easy to work with. The cotton roving is extra special, and would be a super holiday gift for any advanced spinners.

Also on Tuesday, an assortment of decadent little things from Lantern Moon, including the most DARLING little cable needles and repair hooks carved from ebony and rosewood, and beautiful silk taffeta project bags (perfect for working on a pair of socks!).

And! And! On Wednesday the Cashmere arrived! Scarf kits from Jade Sapphire that include enough Cashmere for a great big, warm, scarf, and a book of seven patterns to choose from. The price on these is truly incredible, and they are disappearing FAST. Jade Sapphire also sent their variegated sock yarns, 10 colors of a gorgeous cashmere-merino blend. AND the laceweight merino, which is amazingly soft AND SUPERWASH. I can't wait to make a shetland triangle out of THAT!

Of course, we're still waiting. I've ordered six beautiful colourways in the Ella Rae lace merino which is due to arrive any-minute-now, and a remarkable sock yarn from Kraemer which has real, actual, STERLING SILVER in it. It's a beautiful, glimmery sheen from real precious metal that will make the most beautiful shawls and scarves.

I feel half bad for our regular UPS guy, since the 'oohs' and 'aahs' are being directed at his substitute. I suppose when one goes on vacation, there is always the risk of missing out on the cashmere and precious metals. So decadent!

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