Knitnews #1: Clever Knits updates for August 2009

Clever Knitters,

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Contents of this message:

1. 10news A-list - vote Clever Knits 'Best of San Diego'
2. Classes Announced! - Knit101, OWLS sweater, Sock knitting
3. New inventory - magazines, books, needles, yarns, accessories
4. As always -  knitnight Tues 7-10pm, free wireless, yarnstorm

1. Vote Clever Knits for 10news A-list!
We are nearly in first place in 10news 'Best of San Diego' A-list in the "Shopping" - "Arts & Crafts" section. To those of you who have already voted, MANY THANKS! We are thrilled and grateful to get such a wonderful response to our new store. Please pass the link on to your friends -- it would be absolutely phenomenal if we place first in this contest! Here is the link, click the 'VOTE' button at the top of the page:

2. Classes Announced!

We will be offering some of our first classes at Clever Knits, offered at VERY reasonable prices. Space is filling up FAST, so be sure to email to reserve your place in any class, and come in or drop a check in the mail at least one week in advance of the class start date to pay tuition.

Taught by Kathey on Thursdays in August from 6-8pm. Each session features a different project -- come to just one, or all four! Sessions are $10-$20. [more info]

OWLS sweater:

Taught by Anna for six consecutive Wednesdays starting August 19th. The class is a bargain at $40 if you buy materials at Clever Knits / $60 if you buy materials elsewhere. [more info]

Magic Loop Socks:
Taught by Rhonda for four consecutive Saturdays starting September 12th. The class is just $45 if you buy your yarn here / $65 if you bring your own. [more info]

More Classes:
Coming for Fall 2009, we will be offering Crochet101 and Drop-Spindle101 classes, as well as other classes TBA, so keep an eye on our website or on Facebook for details as each class is announced!

3. New inventory

ARRIVING AUGUST 10TH! Custom 'Clever Knits' tape measures, featuring our tree icon, will be available for just $3. Until the end of August, any purchase over $50 gets one for FREE.

Magazines: from Interweave Press and the makers of Vogue Knitting, a whole host of new magazines! The Fall Interweave Knits comes out August 11th, be sure to come pick up your copy at knitnight that night!

We've easily tripled our selection of books, with shipments from  Sterling Publications (the publishers of Vogue Knitting), Random House, Wiley, and we will soon have all 5 books by Elizabeth Zimmerman -- as well as her DVDs, which are truly amazing.

Needles: Addi has JUST started making their Lace Turbo circulars in 16" length, and we have ALL SIZES in this BRAND NEW length! We also now carry sizes 000-10 in the Addi Turbo needles in 16", 24", 32", and 40" lengths.  We've also just started carrying Lantern Moon rosewood Sox Stix. I will be placing an order for more Addi needles ON MONDAY, so if you have any special requests, let me know and I will add them to the order!

Yarns: Many new yarns have come in since our July 5th opening:

  • Alpaca with a Twist - beautiful Alpacas and Alpaca blends
  • Schaefer yarns Nichole and Heather
  • Twice as much Colinette Jitterbug and Cadenza
  • Twice as much O-wool, including their Classic 2-ply (100% organic wool, great for baby garments) and worsted weight
  • More sock yarns! We have a HUGE selection of sock yarns that is ever-expanding
For Fall, we are expecting to add more beautiful hand-dyed yarns from Schaefer and Pagewood, as well as yarns from Skacel and Malabrigo to our inventory! As always, let us know if you have any special requests -- we are HAPPY to accommodate special orders. We will also be adding lovely alpaca and wool rovings to our inventory in the fall, to coincide with our Drop-Spindle101 class.

4. As Always

Our knitnight Tuesdays from 7-10pm continue to be an exciting and popular opportunity to come hang out and make new knitterly friends. All fiber artists are welcome (crochet, needlepoint, spinning, cat’s cradle, etc) – and we even have a sewing machine for textile crafts! Feel free to come by even if you just need a stash-fix or a needle, or want to see what all the fuss is about – you don’t HAVE to stay, but you are more than welcome to.

Free wireless:

Don't forget that we offer free wireless to our customers and their knitcomplices, so bring that laptop to browse ravelry or check a pattern on knitty, or whip out your iPhone and make use of our speedy fast connection to learn a new technique on youtube.

Yarnstorm 09:
Bring some yarn graffiti to decorate our ducts and get 10% off your entire purchase! Swatches need to be 26 inches in length and anywhere from 4-10" wide. This offer is valid until the ducts are fully covered in yarn graffiti.

A great big thanks to all of you who have already made our store such a happy and wonderful place to be. We hope that in the coming months we can make it even better!

Warm (& sweatery) regards,
Helena, Karen, & Lexi


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