The GRANDEST of Ever-so-Grand Openings

We probably had over a hundred people come to see our new store on its opening day. There were SO MANY amazing people, it was a thrill to meet everyone and make so many new friends. I hope that ALL of you can come to our knitnights on Tuesdays from 7-10pm. Or if you don't have time to knit, you can certainly come for a late-night stash fix and pick up some more yarn.

People were tapping on the windows as early as 10:30 in the morning, but we just couldn't turn them away. Here they are -- our very first customers, Nancy Russell and her daughter, Robin:

I was positively giddy with excitement, awestruck by the support from knitters near and far who came to the Ever-so-Grand Opening.

Even our knitcomplices were here to support us, making use of the free wireless we offer.

There are DOZENS more photos, and even some video clips (thanks to my dear friend Jeremy), which are being posted on flickr and vimeo, so do check there for more media.

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  1. Fun event! The place is great, and I wish you lots of success. I hope to see you on a Tuesday night very soon :-)

    PS. (I'm the blond in the top picture with the black purse)