More floor in the store

Lexi, Will, and I worked on the flooring for a few more hours today. It's about half done, which is super exciting. I set down a couple of the baseboards, which we'll leaving in their natural pine because I really like the way that looks. Of course, this picture makes everything seem electric blue, which it's not. And there's no blue in the flooring at all.

I also snagged a BEAUTIFUL mid-century modern coffee table at the local antique shop. I'm thrilled, because it is EXACTLY what I was looking for, and all the knock-offs were at least three times what I paid for this one (a steal at only $55). It will be a wonderful focal point for our sitknit area.

Lexi and I have gotten VERY good at laying the floors, so it should be quick work to finish, though I'll need to make another trip to Ikea for a five more boxes of the floorboards (since I cleaned them out last time we went), plus a few other items.

While we were there, the phone guy came by and connected our line, which was marvelously exciting. Now I just need to purchase a phone (minor details).

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