Inventoried the Trekking yarns yesterday (I'll be carrying a LOT of sock yarns -- I have a strange passion for sock yarns).

I love that they make a yarn that says 'FACH' on the label. I know 'fach' is actually German for 'ply' as in '6-ply' but it's still rather hilarious. I keep running around the store saying 'Faaaaach'.


  1. That floor makes everything look good1 Can't wait to see your store.

  2. Will there be a sock class or something? I'm dying to learn to make socks and it sounds like your store might have to be my new favorite place!

  3. I'm so excited to have a store with sane hours! Who stops knitting at 5pm? Most of us are just getting off work so we CAN knit:) Can't wait to see your new store, which is not far from my work...faaaaaching great!