It all starts coming together

Yesterday I got my business license, picked out logos, and signed the lease on the space for my soon-to-be-opening store. The proverbial ball is rolling with ever-increasing velocity.

This weekend I'm having a work party at the space. We will be stripping wallpaper, priming and painting the whole space, tearing out the carpet, sealing the cement (I plan to go industrial/natural with the style -- cement floors with jute area rugs), painting and installing baseboards, etc. I'm hoping to get it all ready this weekend, so next week I can start ordering furnishings.

So, Internets, let me know if you're interested in helping out, and I can send you all the juicy details. I'm thinking 10am-7pm both days, ending earlier if we can. I know that a few of my gullible laborers generous friends are also very talented photographers, so there will be plenty of photographic documentation of the process for those of you who are too lazy far away to lend a hand.

I'm really excited about getting this off the ground, and there's no way that I could do it without the assistance of my friends and family. So, thanks to you all for your support, moral as well as physical.

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